Complaining won’t get you nowhere.

Most people don’t like people who complain. Life fucks us all.

I used to complain, but complaining about life didn’t bring me nowhere. Life is hard – you gotta accept that.

I don’t want to complain that I don’t get any donations or sales. I don’t want to complain that business is a hard thing.

But deep down my soul I’m a pessimist.

Things won’t work out. I know that.

Being a bit delusional helps, you got to be an optimist if you want to survive. I know that my work is fruitless. Most people don’t like what I do here. Many people would love to shut me up.

But that’s another story.

Instead of complaining one should look for opportunities. A niche one is fluent and can help others to survive.

There are many things that differ us, but there are many things that make us one. We all want to survive, we all want to be healthy, we all want to work and see some profits.

While complaining doesn’t help, everybody wants to be heard and accepted by the society. Many people get life harder than we do. If you read this, you must have a house with internet connection – many people don’t have that.

You have to be grateful that you have arms and legs, some cash in your pocket. We all are self-centered. We all think about ourselves and less about others. Most of us are selfish. Motivation works when you get something in return. It’s nice to be grateful, but you can’t settle to life you get.

We all want more. And our duty is to figure out how to get that. Complaining won’t help – I tried.

Complaining keeps you far away from others. Even though most of daily talks is complaining – you have to be a creator of good things and maybe later in life you won’t have to complain.