60 Reasons Life Is Easy.

I want to write a list of things that make life easy – here we go:

  1. Most diseases are curable or preventable.
  2. Medicine is advancing fast.
  3. Computers get faster every year.
  4. You can be lazy and not do manual labor.
  5. You can make money online in comfort of your house.
  6. You have access to most people off the world.
  7. If you read this, you have access to the web.
  8. Internet has connected most of us.
  9. Cellphone covers most of the planet. (might be not true)
  10. There are new drugs developed every year.
  11. Schizophrenia is preventable.
  12. There’s enough water for all of us.
  13. World hunger will end soon. (pretty soon)
  14. You can listen to music for free.
  15. You can watch most movies for free. (piracy is okay)
  16. You can learn anything you want.
  17. Blogging is a real business for somebody.
  18. Ibumetin kills headache.
  19. Dentistry is almost painless.
  20. Soon computers will do the dirty work.
  21. There’s ton of music online.
  22. You can be unemployed.
  23. Disabled people get money for doing nothing.
  24. Soon there will be anti-aging solutions.
  25. Lifespan increases every year.
  26. Most common lifespan is 76 years in America.
  27. If there’s going to be world war, it’s number 3.
  28. You can buy pussy.
  29. Government pays for some of the medicine. (here in Lithuania)
  30. There’s at least one new animation movie per year.
  31. You don’t have to do manual labor anymore.
  32. You can sit home all day long.
  33. Food prices are cheap.
  34. Hosting a blog for a year costs just 60€.
  35. Domain names cost just 10€.
  36. You can order viagra through the web.
  37. There’s less and less spam.
  38. Anyone can become a writer.
  39. Simpsons predict the future.
  40. Staying in a mental hospital costs nothing when you are insured.
  41. There are drugs to help you stop smoking. (Chantix/Champix)
  42. Most people have TV.
  43. Endless calls and sms cost just 5€ per month.
  44. Internet subscription costs 15€ per month.
  45. New computers cost 200€.
  46. You can buy a cellphone for 20€.
  47. You can buy a smartphone for 100€.
  48. Famous bands travel most of the world.
  49. You can get food deliver to you apartment.
  50. Small cities don’t stink.
  51. You have water in your flat.
  52. You have toilet in your flat.
  53. Your flat is warm during winter.
  54. Cheap cigarillos cost 2.10€.
  55. There are places where you can get free food.
  56. Beer in Spain costs 0.50€.
  57. You can buy anything online. (including illegal drugs)
  58. There are lots of colours to boost your mood.
  59. There is no god who will judge you.
  60. There are a lot of religions and god will help you.

I hope you liked the list. 🙂