Yesterday I drank.

Yesterday I was rethinking my life and my friend called, he came over and brought beer 7.5% of alcohol, two liters and a pepsi. I drank one liter.

Then I wrote to another friend, we meet and I drank almost 2 liters of beer, the voltage was average.

I know I have to rethink a lot in life, but I’m done thinking. Nothing good happens when you think. You just get all confused.

Can you imagine, I didn’t vomit after 3 liters of beer. It’s unusual. Usually I vomit all the time. But probably god had mercy on me.

Imagine praying all life to god and realizing after death that there was no god. I really doubt there’s god.

I’m kinda bored with living. Every day is the same. You wake up, drink some beer sometimes and then go to sleep.

Eat shit sleep repeat.

It’s kinda bad when you can’t satisfy your wants and wishes.

I doubt I will ever be wealthy. 🙂

Anyway I know how to do a lot of stuff and making money isn’t one of them. I could go to work, but nobody gives me work. I kinda don’t have acquainted people.

Now everything is in the relationships between people. Other people give you money, other people give you opportunities. You can’t do anything alone. You even can’t print money legally.

That said, rich people want other to be poor. Because if everyone would create the rules – what kind of rules there would be?

PS. Just had an argument with my mother. I bought a big pack of coffee beans and she bought the apparatus which grinds the coffee beans. She woke up and grinded just a bit of coffee beans and I told her that she should grind a full box of coffee beans. But no she’s so fucking lazy and can’t grind full box of coffee. She just grinds for herself. Why can’t she do everything in one go? Now you drink few cups of coffee and then get the grinder again and grind just a bit again – it’s so stupid. Sometimes I think my mother doesn’t think.

Anyway. If people would be rich, who would be the true ruler of the world? Everybody would love to rule the world and sit on a bag of gold. But it is how it is. People exploit each other and steal resources from each other.

A computer costs 500€ when my paycheck is only 221€. I need to hold on to my paycheck for couple of months to buy a decent computer. Because these computers for 200€ are crap.

PPS. I believe I got this lazy gene from my mother. Because my mother is so lazy. And I’m her son I’m lazy too, my brother is lazy too. But most people are lazy. That’s nothing. Good to be lazy – you just save up your energy for something greater.