Today’s tuesday.

Thursday I’m gonna go to do my monthly xeplion injection.

Today my mood is okay. Especially after this video

Haven’t drank for 3 days. It’s a record.

Despite money problems, I have no problems.

My commerce business isn’t going well. Fuck commerce. Fuck business. I would love business if it was going great but now, when it’s barely moving – fuck it!!!

Today I woke up and found an email which told me to cover school, home work and overall performance of teachers – I did it, but I didn’t get any rewards.

That said I want to note. That I’m exhausted. Have no inspiration to do videos. Barely can write something good. But anyway. If I’m doing this one thing and this thing isn’t successful – I should not do it, but I’m insane – I continue to do it and I expect different results. I said – I’m insane.

As for my blog traffic I get 7 visitors per day which is worse than my lithuanian blog after 2 years. Maybe I should consider myself an awesome blogger but that’s not true.

These fucking hedgehogs made me laugh so much that I’ve got a great mood – that dick of his is HUGE.

Anyway. My life is going somewhere – I just don’t know where. Misery loves company. But in fact most people aren’t successful – they must be miserable. Fuck success. For me not working and having my own time is success. Like Jacque Fresco said that every person is successful on his own terms.

Aren’t there things you can do which are different from work. I see business on every corner. Everybody’s making cash on their passion. Me? I have a passion which is writing, but nobody buys my books. Doesn’t matter what I write.

Everything is fine from a standpoint of creativity. But commercial side is sucking hard. I don’t know how longer I can do this. Probably until my mom is dead and then I will go do traditional work. If people let me work after all my videos and texts. I don’t know.

I don’t have this urge to work. Many people work because they have to. Without work you won’t have any money and money is the biggest need for all the people.

But in capitalism most people don’t have the money even if they are working. Situation here in Lithuania is pretty bad, because minimum wage is just 400€. Pizza costs 6€, kebab 3.50€, beer 1€.

The prices are huge for this kind of wage. Buy this, buy that and you’ll end up having no money. Living here in Lithuania is very expensive, people say that it’s cheaper to have holidays in Turkey than in Lithuania itself.

People ask me Vygis, why do you stay at home all the time? And I say, people, I don’t have the moneyrino to have all this glorious life full of adventure. Besides people who watch my videos and read my blogs have nothing to offer for me. I started this blog, maybe I’ll attract something from overseas. Maybe I’ll get a deal to work at some nice ass company. Because people keep telling how blogging changed their lives, how they got new connections and new job offerings.

My friend keeps telling me that if I was a native American, with native English language – I would be a millionaire by now. The problem with Lithuania is that people don’t have money to buy books. There’s no audience for my books. If I would be native American. I could upload my books to Kindle and would have sales, but now when my English is broken. I can’t assume getting sales from America. Besides Lithuania doesn’t even have platform to publish eBooks. So if you guys are good at programming you can program a website where Lithuanians could publish their own eBooks. Now these book portals are owned by major companies and they don’t allow people like me to publish on their website.

Lithuania doesn’t have many things. It seems that Lithuania is a country which is underdevelopment. Things are developing at this stage.

Besides, good authors here in Lithuania publish just 2000-10000 books. While authors in America publish millions of books.

But it’s hard to be a published author, because publishing is a tough business. Who reads books anyway?

I don’t read books. So I might as well not write books. But I read blogs which are just a shorter format. Many people don’t read books. Despite the fact that they can be great. People just don’t care enough to read a book. Many people don’t even listen to free audiobooks. The retention rate of my audiobooks is just 7-10%.

To read books or to listen to audio books – you have to have time. And now people are in a rush to beat life. To conquer life.

Anyway. I’m done for today. See ya 🙂