Today I wanted to go to psychiatric clinic

I’m bored. Been indoors for a week.

As an entertainment I decided to go to psychiatric clinic – just to chill out. But my mom convinced me that there is no need to go to the clinic. Instead I should go to my grandfather.

But my grandfather is busy with my dad’s sister’s children.

Everybody’s busy. My grandmother is sick with some virus.

Anyway I’m still sitting indoors.

I’m fed up with being at home all the time.

Life is so boring when you don’t work. You can’t imagine.

I have a big need for money but how’ll I get money if I posses no resources. Back in the day people carried apples to the exchange. Now people carry money – it’s easier this way but I don’t have any apples to exchange.

Some people have the resources and some do not.

People who have no resources just their time. Will have to sell their time, because there’s no other way.

As Jacque Fresco said – money is the most corrupt system. Money is evil. But living absolutely without money is impossible. The thing is – it’s all about money. If you’re free – go somewhere without money.

You gotta pay for everything and it pisses me off.

I have no money – bum life. I’m just glad that there’s millions of others who have no money. I wish everybody would have money but who’d work then?