To advertise or not to advertise.

I was experimenting with advertising on my old blog.

I didn’t have a landing page, I just paid to get me views to a specific page, out of 31000 hits I received 0 sign ups, I had a feedburner signup on the sidebar.

To get sign ups you have to have a decent landing page. Your website should convert well.

I’m a firm believer that if you don’t sell anything you should not advertise because you will be wasting money.

31000 hits costs 31$ on

31$ costs half a year of hosting.

My hosting plan costs me 60€ per year. It’s a decent sum.

Of course I’m not the blogging expert, but many experts say to advertise on facebook. Sure you could if your blog was doing great already. I’ve seen Neil Patel advertise on Facebook. I saw Jeff Goins advertise on Facebook.

In general. I would start advertising when my blog would make me some money. I would reinvest it. But when my blog isn’t making any money. I sure don’t want to spend that gorgeous money.

Facebook and Google ads are expensive.

You kinda need traffic, and you need traffic to earn money. So it’s a damn circle. Building your blog organically will take a lot of time.

As John Chow said many bloggers fail because many bloggers are just bloggers, not marketers – this includes me.

Anyway. Instead of buying ads for my blog. I will buy another year of hosting. I have time. I’ll let my blog grow organically.

Since I’m not selling anything, yet. I don’t need to rush things. But after I’ll get some views – I will sell banner space on my blog.

It’s the plan. I wonder how many hits Yann is getting.

Webuku says, he’s getting 82 hits. Maybe it’s accurate, maybe not.

Webuku also says that my blog’s worth is 600$, and worth of the web says my blog is worth 1200$. So I’m rich, but these statistics are far away from true.

My blog is worth -60€. Because it costs me to run it.

Maybe there will be a day in lifetime when my blog will get 100 daily money. But I doubt it.