Stimulus and Simulation.

I woke up at 2AM to write this text.

Our perception of reality is lagging. Everything what we experience as now is in fact the past. This reality is stimulating us all.

We have both: internal stimulus and external stimulus. When you see something stimulating the organism – you know that the organism doesn’t have any choice but to react to stimulus.

That said. Every single person is manipulating this reality. Here I’m talking about the collective reality and not individual reality. Since the human can’t experience something which is collective. He can only experience individual reality which is agreed on to be collective.

Stimulus in fact is going all the time. You’re being stimulated to piss, to shit, to eat and so on. You can’t stop shitting… can you?

With all these stimulus going on we can see that some sort of simulation is going on. There can’t be so much stimulus going on in a reality which is not simulated. Therefore our existence is purely deterministic. We sure have the sense of freedom. Freedom is just a word to express multiple choices but how can we know if we have multiple choices when we can’t do both choices at the same time?

If reality is stimulating us to do one thing, we then must do that one thing. We can’t chose to not do it.

If people can’t quit smoking, can’t quit drinking – what kind of choice do we have? Quitting smoking is possible but most people can’t do it. I had occurrences of quitting smoking which happened so easy and other times where it was hard – still haven’t quit smoking.

Our brain does all the choice doing by itself. We can’t think about the choice with our consciousness. All choices are done subconsciously.

Our subconscious is like the iceberg. And our consciousness is like the tip of the iceberg.

Most of our lives are run by autopilot. I sure had a choice to not to write this text but I didn’t use that choice. Theoretically I chose to write but practically I had no choice because the choices were made by the subconscious mind.

You can’t ignore the urge, the stimulus, since the universe is very interactive. You recognise the system, the matrix, when you see objects which are working by themselves. If you see another human being dancing or doing anything by himself – you know you live in the matrix. All objects are controlled by the system.