My grandmother came over.

She brought some salad, baked chicken and some eggs. Some 3 in 1 coffee and some normal coffee – we had a fun time.

She told names people used to call each other in the country.

She’s like 76 years old and man, that’s old.

She barely has energy. Walking up to 4 floor is hard for her. She lives like 15 minutes away.

She was over for like one hour.

I’m glad she’s still alive.

She has great memoirs of her life. She lived during CCCP. She told that Soviet Union was crap. She didn’t have any shoes back then and in winter kids had to step into cow’s shit to make those legs warm.

Later they only got wooden shoes which were uncomfortable and those shoes made legs hurt.

I kinda feel sincere towards old people, they survived most of their life on this planet. Gotta respect that.

But she doesn’t use the web, she talks in Russian, she doesn’t drink, maybe sometimes a bit.

She’s a nice old lady.