Life’s damn short.

I didn’t notice how old I’ve got. This year I’m 31. An old fart.

The older you get – the time flies faster.

Now I don’t notice how five days of the week go by.

My life’s pretty monotonic. I wake up, take a big dump, eat something and sit all day at my laptop. I’m living in the Matrix.

When you have no money, you will be lurking in the Matrix. Because life without money is pretty dull and straightforward.

If a typical man lives 76 years in America, so I’ve got 45 years left. I just don’t know what to do with my life. I just blog and hope for the best. I know this blog won’t make me money, so anyway. 45 years is more than half of my life.

If I would spend 45 years writing something good might happen, but I doubt it – nothing good ever happens to me.

But I have to try, this is the least I can do.

It would be great to earn from my writing, but since English is not my primary language – it won’t happen unless I’ll get a lot of practice.

Each blog post is practice.

My friend should come over tomorrow, we’ll drink beer probably. Personally me. I sit without money. Maybe he’ll have some beer cash.

All I want in life is a stable income. I don’t need anything else.

I know that being a popular writer takes a lot of talent. Now I’m just a starving artist, starving blogger.

I don’t force any subscriptions. People who’ll want will subscribe, those who won’t – fuck them.

I just want to have a great time. Writing is my passion, but I don’t dream about fame. I’m just writing like nobody’s reading.

It’s the best method, to write like nobody’s reading.

I just want to open up. Because I’m an open person, my job is to be creative.

Life’s damn short.