It’s good to be occupied.

I couldn’t imagine what I would do if blogging wasn’t discovered yet.

All my plans went to waste, now I got this good old blogging thing.

Need to come up with new plans, new strategies, new visions.

I see the world as ever evolving place. This world doesn’t need me to survive but I need this world to survive.

Anyway. Youtube – failed. Working for somebody – failed, never got employed in 30 years, well once or twice. But I don’t have the patience to work. I want to command, want to shape the world.

But forget shaping the world when you don’t have any money.

I know I would be great at commanding position. Since I’m this ENTJ, the commander personality type.

I know that ENTJs get frustrated when they don’t have anyone to command to.

I remember I wrote an email to this chick, who was a saleswoman. I wrote to her so that she would sell my seminars. But dammit, it didn’t work. I need a person who would manage all my sales. A marketer, man I need a team. Because I’m good at creating products. My products are nice, they just need a better packaging.

I don’t want to give up on my failures, because in fact I learned a lot.

Need new plans, because until this blog blows up, will pass a lot of time. Anyway. I love writing and I think I should focus on writing and blogging, because in the end I want to be a blogger. Well I am now, but I want to be making money from this crap.

Maybe I should be more interesting, well being interesting is a challenge, because I have no fucking clue what the majority of people want. Sure I won’t start writing news and how to articles, how to masturbate articles, because it’s easy.

I need some people on my team, but my people are lame, they don’t envision my vision. They are lazy and don’t want to work.

I guess I will have to work alone. Many people don’t get the hang on what I’m doing here. Isn’t blogging a real occupation?

Sure it’s a real one, when you’re doing sales – me? I’m doing shit here. But I know my blog is one of the greater blogs, because deep down I’m a great guy. You just don’t know me and don’t believe in me, but with the right circumstances I could blast your socks off.

I kinda need to learn to save money, but man when my income is just 221€ there’s nothing to save. I need to increase my income, when I got 100 Litas daily I only could spend 30 Litas. Now when we have Euros, so I need 100 Euros

Anyway, without blogging I wouldn’t have any occupation. Being occupied is a must. I love producing content for you guys. But I really need people who know how to sell. I kinda know how to sell, but I kinda don’t know how to create a decent product for the market. It’s a two way game. I know these Lithuanian fucks won’t read or buy my books.

So I’m in this game, where I write for many years until I get traffic and then I’m planning on writing a book. Maybe yall, Americans, will buy?

As an ENTJ I work with my voice and text. I’m pissed about many bloggers who made blogging professional, I loved the casual thing about blogging. That’s why I want a casual blog. I want to know you all guys. When I’ll get more viewers on my blog I will turn on the comments. In fact, since I’m not selling anything I can turn them on now. Just have to download akismet.

Ok. Comments will be on, maybe yall, won’t write shit to me.

Let’s be friends, okay?

When you have ambitions, and sense of direction. No doubt, y’all be occupied. Occupation is great, because people who are occupied don’t have time to wander, but me – I love having a lot of time, don’t want to sell my time. I would love to buy time.

Being occupied is great, don’t know about blogging, but I have this sense that I’m building something. Maybe it’s useless I don’t know. Maybe not. Only you know.