It takes talent.

Hard work is never enough. If you work hard on a hard thing – you’ll most likely fail.

Because let’s admit it, the best creative authors are both: talented and hard working.

You can’t do anything without talent.

Anyone can draw but not everyone can make tattoos, something permanent. Anyone can write, but not all books are worth millions.

One thing is to be talented, the other thing is to be hard working.

Hard work never beats talent. Talent means that hard thing for others is easy for you.

Doesn’t matter how much I’ll play the guitar, still I can’t play a barre chord and it pisses me off.

Talented people are the one’s who earn from creative work. As Yann Girard said 99% creatives earn shit.

There were only few times I earned decently from my creative work, the other times I worked for free. Sometimes I worked into minus.

I spend more money creating art than I’ve earned.

As a matter of fact, I’m not talented, nor hard working. I should be, but I believe it’s not worth it. Some people resonate with folks, while others have to write a vagon of words until they get famous.

If you’re a writer and you’re not famous – most likely you won’t earn any cash. With fame any position you take on can be profitable, but without fame anything you’ll do you’ll be doing for free, or minus.