I just can’t understand…

… how these American fellow bloggers make their money.

It seems, everything I have to offer is simply not worth your cash.

Selling t-shirts, ant taking donate is a joke.

Sometimes I think American’s buy everything.

Who needs a fucking course how to earn money online*

*- when results aren’t typical.

Sure I could buy a course on blogging, but there are so many of them for free.

Everyone will tell you – that you have to market your blog.

But I just want to tell you guys, there are millions if not billions of blogs and getting 10 views is simply great, because 10 people choose your blog.

In fact I wanted to tell that I’m pretty desperate.

I was hoping for more, but I get so little for my efforts.

Sometimes I think god isn’t on your side.

When you have dreams and those dreams don’t come true. I’m fed up with law of attraction and other laws. Like Bob Proctor says. It’s the vibrations and paradigms. Fuck it.

I wish I got more, but who cares? Nobody wants me to be successful.

I’m not special, not viral, not talented. Well maybe talented, but my skills are low. When I was a kid I didn’t expect life would be such a damn thing. Why the hell we have to sell everything?

Wouldn’t it be greater if we shared everything, resources, money, work, what else?

Why the hell stephen king earns a lot of money for his writing and me – I earn nothing. It’s unfair.

Life is fucking unfair.

I want to start a family, but I can’t. Because no woman, no cash and I’m sick. What will I’ll do when my old family dies?

I sure don’t want to sit in this place alone.

Everyone told me that I’m perspective, but nobody notices me and it’s kinda sad. I sure don’t want to bruteforce success, because you can’t force nothing on people.

I just want to write and make a living. Never imagined how hard it is until I’ve tried. As if nobody reads. People read. I see the stats.

But I just want to give and give and give, but nobody’s giving back. I don’t believe no longer in those fairytales.

I keep trying from desperation, when will the breakthrough happen?

I would love to crack jokes on stage, make some rants. I know I could be better. I don’t want a traditional job. I know I’m great, maybe with low skills, but great.

I write, do youtube videos, sing, play guitar poorly and draw poorly.

But this world doesn’t need people like me, because only few people can appreciate. But I keep trying and trying and maybe the breakthrough will happen. If not, then guys why I am doing it all? My life would go to waste, if nobody appreciates my jokes.

I want more fun in this life. Because wherever I look. I see sadness and unfairness. We should make this life a better place.

People tell you can’t change the world, but as long as I’m alive I will try. Because life could be better.

Live can give so much. Riches, fame, ladies, at least a family, but something’s wrong with life. People don’t like me, people don’t like what I do. But what should a desperate man do?

I sure don’t want to kill myself. I try to open myself, maybe with curse words, but I’m here vulnerable. Transparent, for you to see. I’m sure a passive guy, but I want more from life. I envy the rich and the famous.

I will be pushing blog posts and doing youtube videos but if nothing great happens, then man fuck pursuing passions.

Hard work sucks. Quantity is also hard work. You can’t imagine how much energy I expose while doing these videos. Sorry guys no edits, because I don’t know how, and by the way I don’t need guys who follow me for edits.

I want people who want to connect.

You could say I spent most of my life in solitude, you know I know a lot, because I had time to think. You’ll never see me working at a traditional job. I don’t want to.

I believe everyone’s smart enough to create his own job. Despite the earnings.

I sure would want to earn, but I don’t want to sell my time, time is precious. I know I won’t fit in.

Some of you may think that I’m a joke, but I’m not, I’m just a joker but I can be serious when needed.

Also I had to try out farts and it appeared to be my most popular video and I can’t get it guys, why do you watch farts and not when I talk seriously, why? Are the videos boring or you’re fart heads?

I just can’t get it… can’t understand it.

It’s just strange that there’s so much people and barely few care how I’m doing. There’s so much people and I feel alone.

Even If I had xbox one with 8 joysticks I would have so much friends.

Why people are you so cruel? What’s the problem. I posses no harm to you.

I know you could give me so much, but why don’t you? What’s the problem?

Why can’t we build a great place to live? Don’t you want Earth to be a great place for all.

Why the fuck we need wars, starvation, homelessness, unemployment.

I just want to connect. That’s all, because I feel alone.

Like an alien.