Failure is essential.

I know that success requires failure but man – how many times I need to fail?

Got my mind back to porn website. I haven’t tried a porn website. Probably on the next month I’m gonna start a porn website but if it fails – I just don’t know what to do.

I’m out of ideas.

I guess you just have to try and try in order to succeed.

In the end I need only 10€ daily.

If i’ll get 10€ daily it’s 300€ per month. It’s almost the minimum wage here in Lithuania. Minimum wage here in Lithuania is 400€ plus minus.

Good thing about porn website is that I can redo the niches as many times as I want.

To start a porn website I need somewhat 200€.

But I’m out of ideas, if the porn website will fail.

I know that most of web is porn. So maybe another porn website won’t hurt the market.

I’m going to go into porn video compilations niche. I’ll just try – maybe it will work, maybe it won’t but how hard is to earn 10€? 🙂

I don’t want to earn 100€ a day, well I want but that’s not my target, my target is 10€ 🙂