Everybody should do what they like.

I hate how the job becomes a chore.

Why can’t we all get along and do what we are passionate about?

Sure there will be jobs, but it can be not you who’s doing them.

We all move along towards creating a better world, but our pace is very slow. Did you notice that things barely change. We get one’s politicians nothing changes, we get another politicians and nothing changes.

During my life nothing changed, just the currency first we had Litas, now we have Euros. That’s all.

Aš Jacque Fresco told, politicians don’t solve problems they create laws. We in fact, need more problems solves.

Because our world is full of problems.

If we all did what we wanted, then we had more energy.

I see many people playing games, but what gamers are good at? This is a great resource. But we don’t know what gamers are good at, they sure could solve some problems.

If many people want to play – we need to design life as a game.

Do you want to make yourself ripped, or your character? Of course yourself.

The thing is, well all have dreams. Well in fact, not all of us. I see many people without ambitions. People aren’t believing in life.

We must have people who believe in life, otherwise we will fail as a society.

We need to change things for the better, but I can’t imagine how – I’ll let you smart guys to handle this problem.

If people did what they want and got cash – we would get so much energy. Because you can do and do and do what you love.

But when you’re ambitionless, you ain’t going to do shit.

Now the main problem persists – how to get cash. But can you imagine a world without cash? I bet hardly, but Jacque Fresco foretold that someday money will vanish. Maybe it’s true maybe it’s not.

I found what I love to do. And I have so much energy to do it. I’ll probably will do it as long as I’m alive. Not sure, but I like what I’m doing. I just don’t see success coming.

If people would do what they love – we would have so much energy.

Energy to produce. But as I told, many people are ambitionless.

It’s the lack of ambition that holds them down.

If I would like what I’m doing I would do it every single day.

I found. Did you?