Effort is not equal to results.

You can spend a lot of effort in creating something which is absolutely not useful to other people.

You can spend time creating something and not get any results.

What do you do then? Yeah, you stop creating, because creating and not getting results is draining and exhausting.

I’ve spent 5 to 6 years creating Youtube videos, what did I get? Nothing, zilch. Well I’ve earned some money but I spent far more.

Besides the earnings weren’t regular. So it wasn’t a great way to make money.

When you want to make money you have to get stable sales. it’s very hard to get stable sales when you’re a youtuber, because it’s hard to reach the audience.

And my audience was kinda poor. They didn’t have the money to support me. Or maybe they were greedy. I don’t know.

But I did a lot of effort on my youtube videos and didn’t get much rewards. My videos ranged from 40 views to 100 views. That’s not a lot of views. Everything is SEO, if you don’t target your videos to people, they won’t come. The audience retention on my videos was just 16-40%. It’s a bad audience retention. If my audience retention was greater – youtube would provide me the views. But it is how it is.

I’m done with video. Had 1500 videos, maybe even 2100. Deleted them all. Because I wasn’t getting what I was anticipating.

People kinda didn’t love me. Many of my videos we’re age restricted due to reports.

I know I have enemies. But fuck my enemies. I don’t care.

Doing Youtube videos was fun at first, but then it became draining and exhausting. I know I shouldn’t have deleted them, but what happened is just. I got a lot of messages from Youtube accusing me of spamming. That my videos aren’t wanted. So I just quit.

Now I will concentrate purely on my blog. I will try to outcompete John Chow 😀

Thanks for watching my videos, and for reading my blog. It’s a great honor.