Business isn’t going well.

When I started Youtube. I was thinking that people will greet me with open minds and open hands.

But after 5 years of Youtube. I didn’t achieve anything.

As I think of myself. I’m kinda talented boy but my skills are so low.

I never bothered learning something useful. I always kept saying to myself – why bother learning something when people do greater than you can ever be.

That said business is going bad. This month I haven’t sold any t-shirts, any books – nothing.

I just don’t know how to earn money online.

Speaking about a porn website. I’m not going to do it because it won’t have any traffic. Besides working with porn will make me want to masturbate all the time. It’s that bad.

My youtube isn’t doing well. My blog isn’t doing well also.

Blog stats

I started blogging at november. It’s been 5 months of writing and nothing magical happened.

Dammit I’m probably not cut to do any of this online shit.

People promise that blogs can change your life. That you can get a lot of cash. But in practise nothing good ever happens.

I’m just glad that some people read my blog.

The journey is tough. But we’ll try our best.

The web wants to read news stories, not blog posts.

Anyway, the business isn’t going well.