Bukowski wrote 20 years until he got famous.

Being a writer is easy – you just write, but being a recognized author is another story.

Bukowski wrote 20 years until he got recognized. His net worth was 4 million US dollars. He’s kinda a great writer. I’ve read his book ‘pulp’.

It was a good detective. As far as I remember.

You need to write a lot until you get famous, but when you do – you’ll get the chicks and the fame, and the riches. But until you’re famous – you’ll be a starving artist.

Being any creator takes a lot of time until you get recognized.

I started this blog not to get famous, but to connect with people from around the world. At first I wanted to be a paid blogger but as far as I’m aware it ain’t happening.

The reality is that there’s millions of blogs and you have to be grateful when you get just 10 visits. Ten people chose your blog – that’s great.

Anyway. I know that it will take a long time to write my masterpiece blog. But anyway. I ain’t doing anything better – yet.

Bukowski told that if he won’t get famous after 20 years, he’ll give 20 more years to get famous.

I just want to note. If you’re a writer, don’t expect to be a famous writer. Write like nobody’s reading.

Some people will choose to read, but most won’t.

I’m kinda depressed due to fact that I don’t earn money from my writing. It kinda makes me sad. I know not all texts are worth millions. Some are worth just few cents – but whatever.

I just wanted to make a good blog. Not those how to articles, but something more deep. Because I want to establish a deep connection with my readers.

All I want to do is connect with people. Because I feel lonely.

I always wanted more people to be my friends, but people are kinda crazy. We’re all crazy to a certain degree.

I’ll give myself 40 years to become famous. I already spent 6 to 7 years writing. No fame still. I should have started writing in English in first place. I spent 2 years writing in Lithuanian. Lithuania is a small country. I noticed that Lithuanians don’t like what I’m offering.

Maybe people who speak in English, will be more grateful for my work.

Nobody waits for my new post, well maybe 2 people who have subscribed to my mailing list. Other folks don’t give a shit.

As I learned about blogs. I wanted one. And I’m kinda living my dream but I don’t earn any money. Maybe someday this blog will grow. I have no clue.

If i’ll get views, I’ll will sell banner ads on my blog.

Blogging is a fun way to connect with people, share your story, and maybe make money. I just don’t know when it’s going to blow up with traffic – maybe never.

Some folks tell that it takes 4 years until Google gives you traffic. Not all blogs are created equal. It can take a lot of years until the blog will blow up.

My blog is nothing special, just a diary and thoughts.

Maybe some people will want to connect, maybe not. Who knows.

I don’t have those pop ups. I don’t force my subscription to anybody. People who’ll want to connect will subscribe.

Over 5 to 6 years of youtube, I’ve have connected with maybe 50 people. With blog it will take even more time. Because my blog gets far less views than my Youtube did.

I’m done doing Youtube videos, because they don’t work. I was thinking people will greet me with open hands, but it appeared wrong.

Anyway, webcam videos don’t work on Youtube. People just got bored with the same webcam face. At first I got views, but then my views dropped. People started not caring. Anyway doing Youtube was fun, at first, but then I became desperate for views. Anyway. Thanks for watching who did watch. I’m done with youtube.

I just wonder how much time until my blog will get 100 daily views. 100 daily views is great. Imagine 100 people read your blog daily. It’s fantastic.

But I don’t care enough. Because writing for one person is the same effort as writing for one million people.

I love working with editions.

I love blogging so much, don’t know how would I live without it. I guess life would be boring.

Blogging is great. Bukowski was somewhat a blogger. He wrote few poems everyday for 20 years, but he had a publisher. Now I’m just self-publishing.

Anyway we will see what happens out of this blog. It’s too early to judge. Maybe my blog will take more time than an average blog. I said, I will give it 40 years. When my blog will be populated with content people will come.

You have to build it and they will come, maybe. They are coming now. Just in small quantities.

Maybe the quantity of visitors will increase after 4 years, maybe not. I don’t know I just have to try. I sure could buy some ads, but I’m not selling anything. So it’s not worth to buy ads.

I’m not doing any seo, I don’t do any marketing. I’m doing everything wrong, but that’s just me.

I’m unique, but not useful.