You gotta be loved.

The thing is people gotta love what you do.

Changes are small that people won’t love what you do, if you show your work to enough people.

If few people see your work, then changes are big that people won’t love what you do.

Many people watch videos and read blogs which other people read.

It’s like the heard instinct. People go where other people go.

When creating art – your first step is to get recognition for what you do. If nobody recognizes your work this only means that not enough people saw your work.

Many people don’t know how to evaluate new emerging artists. Like I said, it’s the problem of the heard.

If the heard approves you then you’ll be rich and successful but when the heard fails to approve – you’re going to struggle big time.

The same goes for writers, musicians, singers – you gotta get the heard approval, you gotta be loved.