Yesterday we had a party.

My friend came back from Sweden two days ago.

He came to me with 4 liters of beer, after we drank it, then we went for more, he bought 3 liters of beer.

I ate a massive kebab but didn’t drink more beer. Had just 2 liters and then I went to sleep.

Woke up and vomited 3 times.

Man I should really quit drinking.

As I sit here at my desk. I have 2 more liters of beer in the back but I won’t drink it. Asked another friend to come over today, maybe he’ll help me drink that beer.

Anyway, yesterday was a good day. I hadn’t received my paycheck for my disability. Maybe I’ll receive it today. I don’t know.

My brother was with another company, also returned home drunk.

He would be a nice guy if he didn’t drink. Drinking is destroying him. But that’s another story.

I used to drink a lot back in the day. When I was younger and damnit my brother is following my steps, he’s a real copycat.

I no longer have health to drink. I always keep vomiting after I had some alcohol.