Writing is self therapy.

Writing has helped me to see what I think about. You know when you’re thinking things and not writing them down. You actually don’t notice the things you’re thinking about.

Writing is good self therapy.

Writing relieves stress.

When I haven’t wrote I felt that my life is falling apart. Well not to say that writing improved my life a lot, it gave me an occupation.

Now I write every day.

Writing is therapeutic for few things.

  • You can bleed on a page.
  • You can write books to sell
  • But writing itself is a disappointing occupation.

If you love misery – choose writing as your career.

Because let’s admit even when writing is like therapy. It’s disappointing when people don’t read your work. Writing itself is the easy part, hard part is to get people to actually read your work.

Writing helps you think because before you put some words on the screen you have to think clearly to not make a joker out of yourself.

When you don’t care about the readers, writing is a great way to relieve stress, cope with your feelings and have a good time.

Because every 1000 word article takes about one hour to write. So if you’re interested in writing, try to write and you’ll see how writing makes you happy.

Of course not all people like writing, but writing can increase your happiness. With writing you can log your life. And recall things you we’re doing year ago, or even for longer periods of time.

Writing has been devalued since now we have video. It’s easier to shoot a video, than to write a long boring post – you’ll probably will never read.

Simple video vlogs can relieve stress, especially when you have nobody to talk to. I’m doing it – and it’s great.

Try writing, try vlogging.