Work for yourself.

When you work for yourself and don’t earn any money – it isn’t considered work. You just own your job.

Business has to make money from day one, if a business doesn’t make any money – it’s not a business.

As I told before – I’m not doing any business here, I’m just writing and creating content – because I love to.

I don’t want to wait until an email comes from some publication inviting me to write. I don’t want it because I believe I’m a poor writer, I’m not fluent in English. English isn’t my first language.

But I have this idea of working for yourself.

Back in the day, when I was 18 I wanted to work, I was new to workforce. But I got scammed a few times, the other times I didn’t get a job so I said – fuck it, I don’t want to work ever.

I rather write my blog and fail miserably, than wait for some opportunity to come, because opportunities don’t come here in Lithuania. Nobody invites you to do great shit. And the job listings – we’ll there’s lame work. Besides I’m not competent to do anything. I’m bad at everything.

So I searched what could I do that maybe someday brought me money and I found out about blogging. Started few blogs and then I burnt out and quit. But now – it’s different. I’m not targeting any niche – I’m just writing for anybody who’s interested. I don’t have the end user in mind.

Anyway. Doing things for myself is great. I can do it whenever I want. I don’t have a schedule, I don’t have vacations. I just wake up everyday, well most of the days, and sit down to write my little blog, which I want to grow.

When you want to work for a company – you need to be permitted. In other words accepted to work. You can’t take up on a work by yourself.

Blogging – you don’t need any permission. You only need to fulfill the desire of writing. If 95% blogs fail – you just need to outwrite them. A typical blog fails in under 3 months. Only few blogs last for 10 years.

So if you’re going to invest time in something. Invest in blogging as a side-hustle. Maybe blogging isn’t the best way to earn money, but it sure is a great method to market yourself.

I’ve been writing on this blog 4 months already. In total I was writing 6 years. Everywhere on the web, but then decided if I’m going to write – I should write in my own space. I don’t need views on medium, I don’t need views on steemit. I need views on my blog.

That said. Blogging is really easy to start, but hard to master. Just like writing. Writing chose me, I didn’t choose writing as my occupation.

But since I’m a writer – I will do my best to give you some alternative writings because I’m not in the mainstream section. I always write controversy and alternative texts.

That said, I hope you’ll like my blog and don’t forget to subscribe.