Windy day + blog stats.

People who know me, know that I’m a windy guy.

My opinions change every day. I can’t focus on a long-term goal.

My dreams change as if it was a windy day.

I always thought – that it’s about me, but in fact it’s about you.

I’ve been writing for myself – for years, hoping that somebody will connect with me, but nothing happened.

I don’t want to be like everyone else, creating those clickbait posts.

I just don’t know how to unlock life.

Life is hidden – somewhere outside. But when I go outside, I’m walking around the block and it’s really not that interesting.

Life is hidden under a price tag.

If you want to live – you gotta pay the price. But man, I’m empty. I can’t afford.

Back in the day my friend invited me to come over and there was this salesman who tried to sell me lioness discount card for 70 Litas, he was so persistent and he told me this phrase: “if you don’t have money now, you will never have money”

I just remembered this phrase and it appeared to be true. I haven’t got money then and I haven’t got money now – it’s been 10-13 years ago.

I haven’t saved up. I haven’t earned. But the funny thing is that you can get Lioness discount card for free these days, the guy wanted to scam me.

And sometimes I believe it’s good to not have cash (no it’s not) but that guy had this big promise how the lioness card is going to help me make money.

I was young and stupid and broke ( I’m broke now).

I always fall into this get rich quick easy scams. I sure don’t spend money on them, but I fall emotionally. As if the world was locked and the only way to get in is to buy some money making shit so I can make money.

There’s this money club – where are rich people are in. But how do I get into the money club I don’t know.

Back in the day, when I was young, I dreamed that someday I’ll become rich millionaire – fast forward 20 years. I’m broke as shit.

I just don’t want to work. But I don’t want to be without cash.

Isn’t there another way to make money than being a slave to the system? I don’t know. I tried this blogging, vlogging, podcasting thing – I earned some, but it was a miracle. Again I don’t earn anything.

I just want people to support my dream. I’m good at cracking jokes and writing. But nobody values me, so I feel worthless.

I love making people laugh. But sometimes it pisses me off when people laugh from serious things.

At first you’re going to be a clown, then you’re a joker and only then you’re a comedian. It pisses me off. This road.

Anyway. I’m broke and have no clue how to make some casherino.

I wish I could create some sort of a system, that brings me money. But I just don’t know how to do it.

How can some people do blogging and make money and connect with people and when I do it – I earn nothing and connect with nobody.

There must be something I’m doing wrong. I don’t want to put money on advertising – since I’m selling nothing.

People don’t buy my t-shirts. I sure sell swag, but man, people rather donate me cash than buy my swag.

Nobody wants my swag. 😭😭😭

As I look at the world, it’s easy to get some products going, but I just can’t start the ball rolling.

Making money online is cool, but how do I increase my sales because now I’m doing just 2€ per month with amazon kindle, selling garbage books. Well not garbage, crap. Short books for short people.

I realized that amazon kindle is not the way to go.

I want to be a blogger. I don’t need any books unless it’s not me who writes them.

I love giving away free stuff.

Somehow I don’t believe I can create something that costs money.

I just looked at my stats. And the stats for my blog are terrible.

Take a look at them.

blog stats

This english blog is doing worse than my Lithuanian blog.

I started writing in English, because I thought there would be more users. But it appears only few people are interested in my blog.

Man, I need a guide or something, maybe a mentor.

blog stats 2

I got only 28 hits from Google Organic web search.

I guess the blog is doing poor with seo.

I anticipated that 400~ posts would get me 400 hits daily, but I was wrong.

I just don’t know what google wants or the users on Google want.

The stats show that people read my blog, but it’s not a lot of people.

On youtube I get 400 views every 48 hours. But the audience retention is 26% – it’s bad.

Man, why I keep producing this bad shit.

Sure I would love to show of my earning stats, but I don’t have them.

Well I have some.

amazon earnings

This is how much I’ve earned through amazon kindle selling 30 cent books. Not too shabby but it’s passive income.

I can show you my teespring earnings.

teespring earnings

Sold 2 t-shirts and then it stopped. I guess nobody likes my shirts.

Whatever man.

I plan to increase my visits and earnings.

Need to do some marketing. I plan to do it. Now the blog is marketed via youtube.

My average for this blog would be 5 visits a day.

I realized the traffic won’t increase unless I do some marketing.

I need more traffic, because youtube and Google don’t bring me traffic.

I like blogging because it’s a game. And I love watching after stats.

Ok. I’m done – hope you liked the post.