Why do blogs fail?

Blogs fail due to lack of readership.

A typical blogger starts his blog, writers articles for 3-6 months and does no promotion, he gets no reward for his work and then he quits.

If you want to be in the blogging game you have to write for years until you get the readership. If you’re doing no marketing.

Organic growth is very slow growth.

I do organic growth and I showed you my stats.

Most visits to my blog come from Youtube.

It’s really hard to write blog posts when nobody’s reading your blog.

Blogging today is a fruitless endeavor. No wonder 95% blogs fail.

Your top one mistake on blogging is that you don’t promote your blog – nobody sees it, if you don’t get readers it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer.

It’s just fact that the game is rigged. There are companies designed to hide you from search engines, I’ve read it somewhere, can’t recall.