Thinking to buy a bicycle. AZIMUT Fold 24″

It’s been sometime I didn’t ride a bicycle.

Back in the day I had Cube Attention 2016.

Now planing for something cheaper and more mature.

It costs just 141€ at the moment. I guess I will buy it after I fix my teeth.

With a bike I can ride to the lake early in the morning.

This bike hasn’t got all those “navarots” and it will be working for years.

I had a similar bike when I was a kid. Some sort of Panther bike. But then I sold it to my classmate because I was fed up with it.

I kinda like selling things. I don’t use things for long periods of time. I sold my Cube Attention after 2 years. Got like 1000 Litas for it.

Good deal Mindaugas.