They will read it, later.

I’ve seen so much blogs who have started 10 years ago and I found them just now. And then instantly forgot about them.

I don’t subscribe to blogs via email, I just put them into my bookmarks tab.

That said, now you see that to find some blog it takes years. I found Seth Godin after he was blogging ten years.

I found yann girard somewhat a year ago.

People will read your blog later, when they’ll start to notice a guy who shows up everyday.

It always starts with few people and then it grows like a snowball.

If people aren’t reading your blog today, it doesn’t mean they won’t read it ever. Organic growth is a very slow process, but it’s still growth.

When you populate your blog with content it appears in search engines you want it or not – the more content you have the bigger chance to be found.

Sometimes success takes 5 to 8 years, sometimes even longer.

Don’t hesitate to write and don’t quit. Good stuff always stands out and it will stand out if you believe you’re a great writer.

People will read it later.