Started writing a new detective.

Anyway. I don’t know if I’ll get your support. So I started writing a new detective anyway. And this time it will be for sale.

Made a deal with my voicing actor from sales 50%/50%.

We will make this one book and look if there are any sales. If there won’t be any sales. I won’t write another detective.

It’s a very simple scheme. I write, he does the voicing and we will have a product.

But I want to note, that this time writing is very hard. I only have 300 words on the new detective. This time writing is hard.

When I wrote “Kas yra Garetas?” it was seamless.

This text was very easy to write since it was my first detective. Now I have to come up with new ideas and it’s very hard.

When you do something for the first time. It’s very easy. But when you want to repeat the process – it becomes harder and harder, because you run out of ideas. Coming up with new ideas is hard.

That said. I hope to have some sales with my new detective.