Some people just don’t get the way money works.

For example me: I just don’t know how money works. I know you can buy shit with money, but when it comes to selling, my sales are a joke.

It’s good for rich guys who can sell shit to people.

Me? I can’t sell shit. Nobody buys my t-shirts, nobody buys my books, nobody watches my Youtube videos and nobody reads my blog, well somebody does, but it’s not major.

People like me are destined to be poor.

I just don’t get it how money works. I sure want to sell some value to people, but I can’t create value. I feel so dumb on the money aspect.

Anyway. I have 650€~ debt. Gotta repay that. Currently I’m paying 7€ per month. Not too shabby.

I just can’t accumulate money to invest and when it comes to investing I don’t know where to invest. Investing money is scary.

Warren Buffet tells the first secret of money – don’t lose your money.

I’m thinking about repaying my debt sooner, but when I get the money I want to buy pizzas, beer, cigarettes and other tasty crap.

I know that I won’t be rich. I’m thinking about saving money, but maybe I’ll die and I don’t want to leave unspent money.

Anyway. I’m bum for life, because this blog won’t make me any money. Blogging is a bad way to make money.

In fact, I would be surprised if this garbage blog made some money.