Skipping the schedule.

I told my readers that I’m going to write daily but I skipped a day.

Wasn’t in a mood to write.

Been looking for marketers for hire, but man outside Lithuania marketers are expensive they want somewhat $3,000-$20,000 per month. I really can’t afford a marketer.

I’ve been thinking about getting a marketer but when I saw the cost. I realized I would rather save my money which I don’t have.

Now I’m thinking do I want to continue blogging or no. Because without serious marketing this blog isn’t going to be successful.

Every successful blog is marketed heavily. Me? I don’t do any marketing. I was hoping that traffic will come from Google but no traffic comes. I think I wasted time creating 400+ posts. I was hoping for at least 400 daily views. But I was wrong.

Anyway. I been at my grandmother. Ate a frozen pizza.

Nothing new happened during these days.

Currently out of smokes. Played a bit of rise of kingdoms but got bored with the game ended up deleting it.

Drinked one liter of beer yesterday, puked a bit, today drinked half a liter – didn’t puke.

Life is going as usual. Nothing new.

That said. I just don’t know, blogging isn’t a serious business. It’s more of a hobby than a business.

Anyway, My mom brought me some cigarillos – going to smoke, see ya.