Sales pitch.

Yesterday I got a sales pitch from one of Youtube’s editors.

He mentioned that he might make my videos go viral and he asked me 10€ per video.

At first I was like yeah great okay, but then I went to sleep to rethink things and I realized I need no editor.

Because I won’t get the money back from Youtube. Investing in ads when you sell nothing and investing in video editing is not worth it – when you have nothing to sell and monetization isn’t turned on.

I’ve tried investing in audiobooks. For one I paid 150€, for the next one 50€ and it didn’t bring me money. The same will be with video editing.

I just want to remind you, that you can spend any amount of money on your ‘product’ benefit, but I have experience that this shit ain’t going to work.

You don’t want to lose your money and you don’t want to ‘invest’ money into something that’s not going to bring you more money.

You don’t need to go viral, you need sales. I was viral – earned nothing.