Pick a thing and MASTER IT.

Picking things is a hard task.

Most people live ambitionless and goalless. Most of them won’t master anything in life.

Mastering a thing is a hard task.

I picked writing since it let’s me connect to people. I want to master writing but I’m far away from being a master at writing.

You see. We get paid for things we do on 10 out of 10. or 9.

Starting writing is very easy, but writing is the most hardest task to master. For one thing there’s a lot of competition. The second thing is that anyone who has a story can be a writer – in fact we live in the age of writers. Texting, anybody?

To earn money one has to be exceptional at one thing and has to be a master of the thing he chose.

That’s why I say. Don’t wait for things to happen by themself.

Pick as many things you can and try to find the one thing that is easy for you and hard for others and stick with it until you’re a professional.

It may take more than 10 000 hours to master a thing.

Be committed and never give up.