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For example: My grandmother, she doesn’t like what’s new, She likes the old.

Today she said I shouldn’t do blogging. She, in fact, doesn’t know what blogging is and she believes in hard, dull, boring work for cents.

She never earned a lot of money, and she’s convinced that money breaks humans.

These people don’t want the new, they like the old. She always lived in scarcity and she believes everybody has to work hard in order to survive. She was born in the CCCP.

I’m born in CCCP too, but on the last days.

Now we have this freedom, where’s this abundance of things but nobody has the cash to buy it. Welcome to capitalism, where every person is for himself.

We are wolves to each other.

The problem with people who don’t want to listen is that they are convinced that they know everything, especially the truth.

As I said, she’s scared of the new. New stuff scares the shit out of her.

She doesn’t own a computer, she doesn’t own a bank card, and a smartphone – she’s like really old 76 years, can’t blame her.

But she has this scarcity mentality, as if the world doesn’t have enough things.

She has grown without shoes and she always tells this story were she has to stand in cow’s poop in order to get her feet warm during the winter.

I kinda love her, but she just can’t grasp the new world. She hasn’t heard about Jacque Fresco and other guys like Alan Watts, Terence McKenna.

In fact she hasn’t heard anything new. And she believes, firmly, that people can’t live without work. She can’t envision the world without money.

And she believes I’m an idiot for doing this blogging thing.

I keep tell her that I want to earn online, and she’s telling me what you’ll sit on the computer and earn money – don’t be ridiculous.

And I want to prove to her that earning money online is possible

Although I don’t know how long will it take, but I want to prove everybody wrong because I believe that I can earn money online – it’s just a matter of time.

Some people just don’t get it and they don’t want to listen.