Not in a mood.

Today I was at the clinic to do my monthly Xeplion 100 mg injection.

As I went home, I felt so sad that my life isn’t going as I planned.

Now I sit at home totally not in a mood. Thinking when will my life go upward, because it’s been going downward for many years.

Everyday I wake up and I know – that my life’s going down.

I’m so pissed that my endeavors don’t work.

I wish I could make money online, but it’s not working.

I need a sponsor who will sponsor my art. Because now I’m writing books and making audiobooks with my own money.

I’m working into minus, not surplus.

I remember back in 2012 I had surplus cash but after the employer told me that I have no work there. I’ve been miserable.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing but it’s not working.

Maybe sometime in the future my words will be heard. Because now I’m just filling the void.