Never give up on your dream.

If you have a dream, like me, I want to be a blogger.

I’m pursuing this dream for many years and I don’t want to quit.

I ask myself: if I would achieve my goal would that be an interesting life to live? And the answer is yes, being a paid blogger would be an interesting life to live because I could do so much things.

Now I’m just sitting at my desk, thinking about blog posts to write, in other words brainstorming ideas.

You see, most people live miserable lives. Most people here in Lithuania are miserable and you have to make a dollar somehow.

Blogging is multibillion dollar industry, I sure want a cut from that.

Currently I’m just sitting in my flat, but I imagine that someday I’m a famous blogger – creating content for thousands people, travelling across the globe, visiting cafes, cinemas, and pouring all that into my blog.

With big power comes big responsibility.

I just wanted to tell, if your dream would be a life you would want to lead – never give up on your dream. Starve, but don’t give up.

If you want to be a singer, blogger, guitarist, painter or anything you can imagine – be, do the hard work and prove the world that you DESERVE to be what you want to be.

Making money is hard, that’s true, but living the dream is worth every breath you take.

I believe you could become anything you imagine if you just don’t give up and put in the work.

Many people are ambitionless, goalless, aimless and they drift through life – man, you can do better.

Maybe today’s hard, like for me it is, maybe today you’re singing in the basement, maybe today you’re practicing this skill which will blow the socks of people in the next decade.

Give your dream some time, to be exact all of your life. Pursue the dream until you’re dead.

Because living without the dream is life not worth living.