Need your support.

I’m planing to write a new detective. But voicing books costs 50€ per hour.

So I need your support, if five people donate me x10€, I could voice 1 hour book.

I’m saying this because I’ve already spent 200€ on voicing books and gave it away for free. If people won’t give me money for my work I simply won’t write any new eBooks.

I want to give my work for free because let’s admit – who’s going to buy it? I don’t have a big fan base.

Also to note. I don’t want to spend my own money on voicing books. I want you to make it possible, because a man has to survive.

Besides I’m not asking a lot. 5×10€, to voice 1 hour book.

Because no fan will voice the book for free.

If I won’t get money I simply won’t write any new eBooks. It’s simple as that.