Long boring journey.

Blogging is a long journey when you’re not an expert in marketing.

Some people say it takes somewhat 4 years until the traffic builds up.

I for sure don’t know what to do with my blogs traffic but I believe you have to monetize your blog from day 1.

Your blog has to make money if you’re a serious blogger, because let’s admit – there are millions of blogs who don’t make any money.

Mine included. But I’ve monetized it anyway. Maybe some of you folks will by stuff I’m offering. Aweber, Bluehost, PropellerAds – Good stuff. Sure you can register without the affiliate link, but whatever – as long as my blog is monetized I’m happy with it.

Few posts back. I told that I’m only going to sell t-shirts, but my t-shirts aren’t with the best images – someday I’ll add more images to my t-shirts. But not right now.

Blogging is a long journey. Sure I’m only blogging 5 months. This has been a great journey so far.

My traffic, well not too shabby.

blog stats 5 months

I just want to remind that I don’t do any marketing to this blog. The only place my blog is mentioned is under my youtube video.

500 visits per 5 months. This means it’s 100 visits per month. Sure I got some bots visiting my website, but that’s okay until my website isn’t choked to death.

I like blogging very much, I can’t wait until I’m a full time blogger.

Currently I spend an hour per day on my blog. All that hour writing posts. With no marketing my blog will grow slowly. Because every successful blogger should do marketing.

In other words: marketing is essential for every successful blogger.

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I wouldn’t write. But since I love to write, I figured I should be a blogger. Besides this writing lifestyle is amazing.

I have so much stories under my sleeve.

I will blog until I’m full time blogger. I want to get paid to blog so bad.

Sure my stories aren’t what the web format is, but at least I’m somewhat original. I don’t want to write in my blog the same things everyone else is writing.

I want my blog to be a journey, where I share all the secrets because I’m an open person. I have no secrets.

I believe that blogging is a great opportunity for me to learn to write in English, a great opportunity to try out myself in sales. A great opportunity to watch my stats. Because man, if I’ll become someone I want to become a blogger.

Because blogging is the shit. Everybody’s a blogger these days and the competition is stiff, but man. I will outcompete all the bloggers with my style, sincerity, vulnerability and transparency.

I really want to make it big because I believe that I’m worth it.

Being a blogger means so much for me. It’s the ability to connect with people from around the globe. Sure I don’t want to be a guy who tells you how to blog, how to earn money online. I’ve earned some, but that was temporary. Man I earned from Lithuanian guys. And I believe earning from the world is a greater challenge.

But I want to note that I started blog not to earn but rather to connect with the world. This blog is my communication hub.

Sure maybe I’m not the best writer, not the best blogger, a poor marketer, but man I’m trying.

Plus, I’m not competitive.

If you can make a better blog than mine, please do so.

I’m not doing any blackhat tricks here. I’m not buying spam traffic, I don’t do any of this shit. I just wanted you to know that this blog will grow organically. I’m prepared to spend my time and effort to create good content for you guys.

I spend my days currently indoors. I do youtube and do this blog.

Sure my videos aren’t the best, but they got my unique style. I believe I rather fail in originality than do good imitating.

Anyway. The journey only begins. I won’t bribe you to subscribe to my blog. I won’t persuade you to by any of this. As long as you enjoy my content – I’m very grateful.

It currently doesn’t matter how many readers I have but I wanted to tell you that you’re great for reading my blog. I sure don’t want to disappoint you.

My current goal is to achieve 100 daily visitors without bots. I know it’s x10 of my traffic, but I believe I can achieve this number. It’s just a matter of time.

You know kindness and greatness spreads. I want to see you more often in my blog. I’m trying to do my best to update my blog at least one time a day. When I’m not burned out – I will update my blog at least once a day.

And when I’m in the mood. I will write longer posts like this one.

You know my life isn’t that interesting, but I’m striving to become a paid blogger. So I could let myself to go to restaurants and do food reviews, maybe occasionally go to the cinema and do a video review.

I currently live almost with no money and if you want to have an interesting life you have to make money. Everybody who’s without money will be just sitting indoors on their laptop.

That said. I want to tell that this will be a great journey. I plan to share my stats. My earnings if there will be any. I just want you to know that this blog should grow into a great business if we can call it that way.

I’m not a businessman, I’m a writer/blogger.

I hope to inspire you with my posts and to prove anyone out there that blogging isn’t dead and you can make money with it. I want to be the next Seth Godin, or Neil Patel but I’m not a big expert on online marketing. Probably should read those guys more often.

Anyway, this stuff will be great and I want to see you more often in my blog, so you wouldn’t miss any important or not important updates.

Currently my email subscription delivers one email per day. When I’m writing. And that email contains more than one update!

Sometimes I’m taking breaks from writing but I do so when I’m burned out. You know creating a lot of blog posts takes a lot of energy.

So don’t hesitate to subscribe and follow this blog’s journey.

I don’t plan to sell any memberships. I want all my content to be free, but of course as you know there’s nothing for free online.

Also as you follow my journey. I encourage you to start your own journey so you can compare your results to mine. This is optional.

Ok man, piece. See you next time.