Law of attraction is bullshit, but bare with me.

You can come into terms with reality.

If you’ll do certain things daily, certain things will happen.

Imagine going to the gym and pumping that iron. You sure will build some muscle if your diet isn’t very poor.

The same goes with blogging, vlogging, writing, podcasting, cycling – just name it. If you do the thing you most desire to do – it will be done.

Thousands if not millions people start blogs in order to earn through them, but many people fail without success.

The competition is stiff, but show me a video on Youtube that has no views – every video has at least one view.

Law of attraction says that you need to visualise your goals, that you need to think constantly about your goal and envision everything – that’s bullshit. Because you won’t build any muscle if you won’t hit the gym.

This means, that in order to succeed we need to do few things and hope for the best. Life is tough. Life is unfair. Life is hard but don’t let it stop you from pursuing your dream. Better. Pursue opportunity.

Life has so much to offer, but we are the ones who have to stand up and take what belongs to us, but that’s easier said than done.

I found out that I’m good at writing articles. I will do it for the rest of my life, because I enjoy it, because it makes me fulfilled and besides you can make money writing articles – this is a win win win situation.

Bad writers don’t know what to talk about. Good writers know a lot of great stories.

Bare with me. You can’t attract anything sitting on the couch, but when you turn on your laptop – you got connections, you got the opportunities, you got the world on your desk.

Just try to create something you are good at and hope for the best.

Life is hard, but that’s what makes it interesting.