I want to earn money while I sleep.

If you’re like me – you’re lazy as fuck.

I heard many people tell this: “You can earn money while you sleep“.

And I became obsessed with this idea. In my country people don’t know you can earn money via blogging. This is a great opportunity for me to do this kind of work.

So if I’m going to earn money while I sleep. I figure I need a system which works on it’s own – youtube is a great system, but producing videos is hard.

The next great system is a website. Because the website works 24/7. You just need to update it. In other words blog is a website.

As John Chow said. Blogging is a multibillion dollar industry. You sure should be blogging, but the obstacle is that it’s really easy to start, that’s why 95% of blogs fail. Because it’s easy to enter the blogosphere.

Many people wish to earn money while they sleep. But only few do what it takes to get results. I sure could do marketing, while I don’t do marketing other people reap the gold.

But I figured I should grow organically. I don’t have money in me sleeve for advertising. I made mistakes back with advertising. Don’t do advertising if you aren’t selling anything because you’ll just throw out your cash.

So we have a system going on here – a blog.

Now our duty is to populate this blog with useful content. I don’t know what useful content is, probably something informative, entertaining or educating.

But only writing content isn’t enough – you got to show this content to people.

My blog has 400 articles they are barely seen by people. I could pick the best articles and market them, but I’m too lazy to do marketing. I’ll let it market itself. I want to note that this is the wrong approach.

I don’t do any guest posts, I don’t allow any guest posts. I don’t allow comments.

I just write, because people can always read my blog later. I don’t want to compete with best blogs because they’re going to outcompete me easily.

I forgot to mention: I don’t do SEO too. My blog is destined to fail, but I’m going to try anyway.

There are bloggers who don’t do seo – Seth Godin is one of them. Seth has the best blog out there, but that’s another story.

To be successful blogger – you have to attract people to your community, your tribe, your whatever.

If people aren’t interested in what you’re offering. You’re never going to be successful.

Since the place is abundant – you can do things your way and still succeed. Just don’t write what other folks are writing.

So we have a system, a blog, and it’s populated with content.

The next thing we need is traffic.

This is the most hard thing to achieve, man I’m not an expert on traffic. But we need traffic so that our blog would be read.

When we have traffic, we need a product. It can be your product – it can be an affiliate or it can be ad space for sale.

But without traffic nobody’s going to buy our stuff.

95% blogs fail because they lack traffic, in other words readership. But if most blogs give up just after 3 months, We can out compete them by writing longer.

I guess, the person who writes longer – wins.

Blogging is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

But I sure want to earn money while I sleep, that why I’m doing this marathon.