How to start writing.

Don’t let anyone fool you that writing is easy, it’s easy to start but hard to master.

When I started writing, my pieces were so garbage. That I don’t even remember where I’ve put them, probably deleted.

When I started writing I wrote poems. Poems are easy. But most poems are garbage. Personally me I wouldn’t start with writing poems, but you can.

Anyway, my poems were garbage. I’m ashamed of them.

In this age everybody is a writer, there’s so many texts send daily that I don’t know the number. A lot.

My advice when you start writing don’t read your stuff as soon as you write it. Give it some time. Like a week. And if you’re good you’ll like what you’ve wrote. If you don’t like what you wrote – that’s bad.

Every human has different taste in writing. But good text is liked by almost everybody. Personally me, I hate the how to’s and the news.

I like to have a deeper connection with the reader.

You know, start by bleeding on your page. Bleed your heart out because everybody likes when a writer is bleeding.

The next thing is putting it out there. If you’ll put the text out there – there’s a big chance no one is going to read it 🙁

When writing – you want to get comfortable with putting letters on a screen. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect in grammar, it’s all good as long as there aren’t any misspelled words. Nobody gives a shit about commas these days.

When you’ll get comfortable with typing letters everything should be fine. But my advice don’t write long fiction book as your first text. Focus on small pieces first. 1000 words is enough for your texts, man 200 is enough.

The main objective of writing is to deliver the message. As long as you have something to say – you’re good to go.

Don’t be afraid that somebody criticizes your work. It happens to the best writers and the more you’re known the more criticism you’ll get.

Critics are failed writers. You know it’s easier to criticize than to write.

During my life I wrote 3 books, haven’t published them. I guess I’m a bad writer.

Of course, if you’re interested in blogging. Write and read blog posts. If you’re interested in books. Write and read books.

Because when you’re not published any published book is better than yours. But publishing is a business. If you’re an unknown person nobody’s going to publish you unless you’ll get a testimonial from Brian Tracy.

I heard Brian tell a story how this woman wrote a book on time management and nobody wanted to publish the book until Brian wrote a testimonial.

Harry Potter was rejected 12 times

Anyway publishing is a hard business, it’s different from book printing, anybody can print you a book. Go to amazon kindle and you’ll have a book printed. But to publish a book – that’s the business.

You can put any book on sale, but I doubt it will have sales without good marketing.

Anyway, when starting writing your task is to put work in front of people. Try free at first, create yourself a blog.

Because the best place to test if your writing is good is a blog. If people will read – you’re going to be a famous blogger and will earn money.

Write to connect and to tell a great story. If you know how to read, you should know how to write.