How to have a lot of creative energy.

I want to be honest. I do quantity because I have so much energy to create stuff. If I won’t I’ll explode from the inside.

Creative energy comes from KNOWING what you want and HAVING the ability to do so.

If I would go to pump iron. I would be miserable due to my improper diet. But when it comes to creating stuff – I have so much energy because I love what I do.

As I told before. I spend days crafting posts when I’m not doing anything else.

The thing is. Energy is vital for creativity. Sometimes there’s this period when you want to create something and nothing comes out.

I have these periods. Because when you have a lot of energy to create it’s easy to burn out. And I’ve been burned out many times.

Burning out simply means that you need to take a break from what you’re doing. Taking breaks is better than not taking breaks.

When you take a break, you sharpen your mind. Because let’s be honest writing is a mental task and pretty difficult task. But when you have a lot of things to tell and your passion chose you. You will be writing a lot.

To be frank writing is a dull mental work with lots of disappointment – you got to love misery if you want to be a writer. I haven’t seen a writer with a happy life. In fact I didn’t see any writers in my life and as it appears being a writer is very rare. Most people can’t produce shit, but they always brag how they could write books, and articles, and whatever – just to make you miserable.

Being a writer is a rare hobby. Being a good writer is a hard to master task. Because most of us aren’t pros and we are far away from being best sellers.

You become energized when you know what you want and you have the ability to do it. Period.