Writing Improvement Software

If you’re like me you love writing. It doesn’t matter what you write – you love typing with your computer’s keyboard.

I can tell you how I deal with writer’s block. I sure have one.

First thing you need to decide what are you writing: it can be blog posts, articles, books, press releases, poems and etc.

The second thing is to permit yourself to write crap. You’re writing as long as you’re typing.

Many times the problem isn’t that we don’t know what to write, but most of the time we’re thinking that we’re writing shit.

It’s that feeling that what we’ll produce will be garbage.

But I have to tell you this one thing: when you’re the consumer of a product, it looks way better than when you’re a producer.

Nobody sees the effort put into a piece, everybody’s just looking at the end product.

For example me: I have writer’s block when it comes to writing fiction and non-fiction books. I just don’t want to write long boring texts nobody’s going to read.

But when it comes to blogging. I can make a text easily. Because it’s short format.

I like short. Creating something short is easy.

And there’s this another thing: it’s hard to write another book, when your first book failed miserably. If you didn’t earn money from your first book, it will be hard to write another book. Because most likely you won’t earn again.

I don’t want to be this law of attraction guy, telling you bullshit.

If you have written one book, try to give it or sell it instead of writing another one.

My best advice: JUST WRITE IT.