How to be competitive.

In our capitalism world every man is for himself and the competition is stiff.

How do you be competitive?

First thing is to look at what the competition is offering, if you’re into business you need to know what your competitors are doing.

Competition drives insane progress.

When you’ve looked at what competitors are doing then you have to do better, but it’s nonsense. Because after you did your best your competitors will look at you and do better than you did.

Being competitive is pure nonsense.

For example: Linux, an operating system, it’s not competitive but it’s doing way better than MacOS, and Windows.

Linux is as follows: ChromeOS, Android, Ubuntu and way more.

You don’t need to be competitive if you want to survive in the market, you just have to be good or at least decent.

People pick those companies which they like. Everybody has to have a story behind. Because most people fall for the story.

Every marketer is a storyteller. Competition is good, because if there’s no competition in the market – the industry is not worth pursuing.

Competition is good.