How I discovered Offspring, the band.

I was somewhere in 6th grade. We were traveling to Kaunas. With some boy scout group. I was somewhat social back then.

While going forward some chick gave the driver of the bus this cassette and I heard first time The Offspring.

I remember I gave my classmate 5 Litas in exchange for food, but he carried the food the whole time because we ate in some restaurant. Next day his mom called me and gave 5 Litas back because I didn’t eat the food.

After we got back from Kaunas, I asked the chick what’s the name of the band and she replied the Offspring.

Then I went back home and asked mom for 6 Litas and went to shop to buy the Offspring cassette. Don’t remember which cassette it was but I had all of them at that time. Because back then Offspring was my favorite band.

Now I listen to Ixnay On The Hombre

This struck me a memory