How great it is to be unemployed.

If you’re like me – you never wanted to work. You value your time and don’t want to sell that time. Time is precious. It’s bad when you waste it in your workplace.

The downside of not working is – no money, it’s the only downside.

But the upside is – you get time for yourself, you can do anything that is free. Blogging, vlogging, podcasting just name it.

Of course somebody has to pay for your life: food, shelter and etc. But that doesn’t have to be you, who pays.

Here I’m talking about the not working, not not having money.

People like bob proctor tell us that we can earn money while we sleep. As I noted before – I earn some, while I sleep. It’s cool but not enough that’s why I started this blog. Maybe someday I will earn money.

Being unemployed isn’t the same as not having things to do – you do the same things, but you do them for yourself.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad book Robert tells us that rich people don’t work for things they don’t own. I don’t know how is it true, but bare with me.

When you work at a job and then your old – you become unemployed, and after you worked for years – you have nothing.

While with a thing like blog, after you’re old – you have a blog that generates traffic and is a good marketing tool.

I hesitated to start my own blog for 10 years, but now I’m mature to build it up.

Working sucks, because it’s 9-5 in Lithuania it’s 8-4. Somebody’s working even more.

I never wanted to work. I wanted to do my own stuff. And maybe I’ll succeed. Who knows. The blog is still young and I’m not doing any marketing.

As you know – organic growth takes time.

When you’ve been working for all of your life – you want to show something that you did to others. It’s hard to create value in the first place, but when you’ll create something valuable –you’re going to earn some money.