Headlines have to do something with CTR.

CTR – Click through rate.

I got 500 impressions on my blog and just 2.7% CTR.

I know my headlines are bad, but I figured that the more posts you have the better for your blog.

Sure we can create quantity posts, but in the end it’s all about quality.

I’m not into SEO, and all that cool blogging stuff, but I got to tell that headlines are what attracts people to click.

The downside of clickbait titles is that they give a great promise, but when you open a post – you see nothing special there.

When it comes to niche of your blog – you want to pick something that most people aren’t writing about, but to be straight I can tell that any topic you imagine is there covered already.

Blogging on blogs, fashion blogs, food blogs, rugby blogs and mcdonald’s blogs, lego blogs – any type of blog you can imagine there is one already.

Any type of blog, there is, but there’s no blog that covers your life. 🙂