Today I was at my dentist in the clinic. They pulled my broken tooth roots. The ‘operation’ was difficult as they said.

Before I was sitting in the lobby and saw a man in a wheelchair.

Instantly I became grateful for the things I have.

I guess it takes to see somebody doing worse than you – then you instantly become grateful.

Despite the fact, I like complaining. I complain a lot – just like George Carlin.

There’s nothing better than old good complain.

I also do rants and jokes, but there’s nothing better than an good old complain.

Here in Lithuania are lots of things to complain. I’ll probably never run out of things to complain.

But still, I’m grateful when I see people in wheelchairs. Good thing that I have valid hands and legs. Sucks to be nick vujicic – the man without arms and legs. But he’s doing better than the man in a wheelchair.

Probably he did a good marketing. I’m kinda pissed about people who listen to cripples.

Usually men without arms and limbs can’t do anything. But Nick got lucky. He’s got all the help he needs and a lot of cash, family and so on. Me being almost healthy – I’m doing worse.

Probably I need to slice out my hands and legs. 🙂