Give people some opium.

People love stories where they are empowered. Where they get some hope to lead their miserable lives.

People love people who tell them you can.

But I’m not one of those people. I’m a true motivational guy – I say you can’t. I dare you to change your life and the reality is – you won’t change anything, because I can’t change anything. I’ve tried so many times – nothing worked for me.

People love opium. Opium is for miserable people who need motivational coaches, and motivational videos. For people who need empowerment.

But the fact is – it’s just opium which makes you feel better for a brief moment and then you’re back to your miserable life.

Good news? You’re not the one living a miserable life – this should empower you, but this is not opium.

We’re all miserable and mediocre people, trying to survive and to prove the world that we want and deserve more.

Opium for the masses. Opium.