Friends, Foes and Facebook.

Yesterday we had a party, my friend came over to borrow some money. We bought two big pizzas, 14 bottles of beer and 0.2 “Čepkelių” bitter, if I wrote it correctly. In Lithuanian it’s trauktinė.

Anyway. I joined back to Facebook because I need to contact my friends.

I forgot how sloppy facebook was. The website is barely useable.

The website is grandiose and clumsy.

Anyway. I’m back at facebook you can find me here if you need anything but I hope you don’t.

Anyway, my life is going pretty dull. I got used to the dullness of life.

Sometimes I think, do I need to update my blog every day. I hope not.

Ah yes, almost forgot I voiced my second book. You can find it in my youtube. Trys drambliai. It got 5k facebook views and 100 likes, got almost 200 comments.

Besides this, nothing new is happening. Got my payment for disability and no money is left. Got just 10€.

Today I bought two big pizzas and two liters of Pepsi.

In general life is fine. I can’t expect more from life.

Success isn’t on my side. Voicing books costs money and I really work into minus, not plus. I can’t call myself a businessman, because there’s no business going on.