Focus on one piece of text at a time.

It’s good to write a lot, and bad to jump between your writings.

When I write I focus only on my writing. I turn off every other distraction. Facebook, Discord. This helps a lot.

When you start your blogging journey, you’ll have this question: “Will I be able to write so much?

When you look at your blogging journey. You can think of it as gradual writing. Sure back ago 5 months I couldn’t have imagined what I’ll be writing in this blog.

I don’t know my niche. I’m just good at writing but my writing is nicheless. Well maybe my niche is making people brave to try various endeavors.

But I’m not a guy who likes to write various things just to try them. I’ll try things when I’m making a stable income. Because now there’s nothing to try new. Sure I could go to the coffee shop to buy some coffee, but that’s nothing special.

All my life I wanted to travel to Paris but that hasn’t happened yet. Then I wanted to travel to Egypt, to see the pyramids, but that hasn’t happened as well.

Focus on one post at a time, because you sure can’t write two posts simultaneously. Focus on building brick by brick.

So being this miserable guy. I figured that I need an occupation, because my life isn’t that great and I’ve read many stories how blogging changes people’s lives. I want to change my life, but I don’t want to change myself.

You know that people who built this world built it like they imagined.

The saying goes. Change yourself to change the world. But I believe you can change the world with lots of energy. But that’s not the problem. I’m a good guy indeed. I want to help you all.

But how can I help? I’m poor can’t give you money.

All I can do is write some encouraging articles. Article writing is a job at the desk. I don’t know any writers who write by hand these days. Everybody’s on the laptop.

I had this dream, where I travel the world and make money while I sleep. This sounds great but do you imagine how many people want that? The competition is stiff, these days every person who has some ambition has a blog too.

When I write I focus only on one topic, but as you see my writing is all over the place. Paris, Egypt and other great parts of the world.

I believe the main thing that differs good writers from bad ones is that bad ones aren’t interesting to read. I hope I’m interesting, otherwise I’m bad.

This writing occupation started when I was a kid and one girlfriend asked my to text a poem over the phone. I wrote one, then she asked for another one. I wrote another one, she asked for more and I kept writing until now, but now I don’t write poems.

I’m like this mother with a lot of children. Haha 🙂

Every article I wrote so far was a disaster. Not because they’re bad, but because I struggle with views.

If enough people see my work. I sure could be successful. But I’m not a marketer. That’s why I struggle with views. But that’s another story.

Good writers focus on one piece of text at a time. Because even Stephen King can’t write two books at the same time. You can’t push two posts at the same, but you can do them simultaneously.

After writing for 5 months I noticed my English to improve. Now I use autocorrect more rarely but still I’m using it. Good thing the computer can fix my language, otherwise the blog would be sloppy.

I know I’m not good at grammar, I had a viral article there at and some editor whined that my grammar is not perfect, but the other editor came and told that my writing is good even with bad grammar. So anyway, sorry for bad grammar.

When I’m writing I focus on one paragraph at a time. Writing is cool, it gives the opportunity to connect with people. Also. I mentioned that I want to reach 100 unique visitors per day. Then I’ll turn on comments when I’m earning at least few bucks from this blog because now Akismet doesn’t allow free accounts on monetized blogs.

Okay, what else do I want to get of my chest.

People loved my Lithuanian audiobooks: Trys Drambliai and Kas yra Garetas? They said I should write more books. I could but I don’t see any profit in voicing books. Voicing a book costs 50-150€ and I don’t have this much money yet.

Also my friend traveled back to Sweden, I don’t know when he’s going to return. Maybe after 4 weeks, maybe more. I don’t know.

The weather is getting better here in Lithuania. People say they heard a thunder, but me personally I didn’t hear it. People say that true spring starts after first thunder. Probably the spring hasn’t started yet or I’ve missed the thunder.

Beer has got more expensive. Now in a Bar you have to pay 2€, that’s 7 litas and this shit is expensive. While in Portugal the price of beer in a bar is 0.50€. You can buy beer in Portugal and bring it here. Make 1.50€ profit from half a liter.

It’s strange to me how the price of beer is different in all countries. Isn’t the beer same to produce everywhere? By the way beer from the shop is bullshit. Beer powder with carbonated water equals modern beer.

I’m so nostalgic about old classic beer which is brewed. I want to drink real nice beer. Can somebody send me some? 🙂

Anyway. Since my blog is all over the place I want to get back to the topic.

When considering to start a blog, try to focus on work you’re going to do today and then the next day, and day after. You don’t have to be all over the place with your blog.

But before you start writing your blog. Pick a niche, so it would attract readers. There’s nothing worse than nicheless blog, but whatever. Your niche can be your life, your diary, your thoughts it doesn’t have to be all that business oriented, because people read literally everything.

See ya.