I’m not a big fan of SEO – search engine optimisation.

I don’t want to write for search engines, I want to write for people.

The problem with the web is that if you won’t use the right keyword – nobody’s going to find your website.

You can do SEO with keywords, or you can just write.

If you’re like me – you don’t really care about the views. You care more about spreading the message, but the problem is that if you don’t care about the views – you won’t spread your message.

Most of the time SEO is organic, it’s not artificial – made with plugins.

Every word is a keyword these days and there are 25% new keywords every month. People just keep coming to Google for answers.

To create a good blog is to write for humans, not search engines. Because search engines don’t read. People, people do read.

And people will read.

Your best bet is to pick a keyword for your headline and use it in the first two sentences of your blog post. This way you’re doing a little bit of SEO.

If a blog post isn’t SEO’d people won’t find it, well most people won’t find it.

Because now everybody who’s online uses search.

Search engine optimisation isn’t dead yet, but Google gets smarter and smarter every year or so.

Soon, there will be no need to do SEO because algorithms will drive traffic to your blog if the search engine query is relevant to your blog post. I mean vice versa your blog is relevant to the search engine query.

If you want more traffic do SEO, but I don’t want to bother with it.

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