Don’t be afraid to try.

Aren’t we all afraid of failing. We’ll try and we’ll fail.

Life itself isn’t fair – it’s extremely hard.

But if you have a dream, shouldn’t you pursue it?

So what if you’ll fail. I know that we need a lot of persistence too succeed, but what is success anyway?

For me success is not working and making bank. Blogging is success for me.

But what’s success for you? It might be different…

Anyway. If you believe you need a better life – don’t be afraid to try new things.

If we want different results – we need to do different things.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

Arnold told that 75% of people in the united states are doing work they don’t like. Most people are goalless, aimless, with no ambition – you don’t want to be this person.

Life has so much to offer, but you need to stand up and take it.

If you’re afraid to try – you’ll never stand up.

Do you remember how many times you fell when you tried to walk? Or ride a bike? It’s just falling and falling – some people don’t even learn to ride a bike, or walk.

If you’re not in Nairobi, Africa laying on a dump and sniffing jet fuel – you are doing very well. If you have a web connection – you are doing very well.

But what if you want more from life – what do you do then?

It’s a difficult question and a difficult problem. No article is going to tell you what to do. I’m sure not the one who going to give you all the answers.

But what if you have a dream, don’t you want to make it a goal?

When you have a goal – you’re always will be motivated.

Most people are aimless, goalless, and with no ambitions.

Most people just drift through life and think life is just happening to them.

But successful people know that the more we work, the better we get.

I’m not talking work as an employment. I tell work as doing something.

Because everything is work.

I’m doing this work (writing) so that one day I could hire writers who would help me do this thing. I have this dream that someday I’m successful. I believe in it.

I will do it until I will make it happen, because I’m not afraid to try.

Maybe I’ll fail, maybe I won’t – I don’t know, for sure.

But I’m willing to take this non-financial risk. Maybe I’ll just waste my life trying to create something. Who knows.